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RNOH signs Interneuron

Interneuron has signed a contract with The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) NHS Trust to develop, deliver and support an open source clinical data platform.

The project will see RNOH replace their legacy technology with a world-class clinical data platform that will revolutionise the way in which data is integrated, collected, stored and used by end-users.

The platform approach will permit RNOH to embark on an innovation led strategy where new applications can be developed on top of the clinical data platform. Initial applications will support electronic bed boards and nursing observations.

In addition, RNOH and Interneuron will be making this new technology and applications available to the whole NHS. Other trusts will not only be able to freely download, test and implement the software developed, they will also be able to get support from Interneuron by calling off this framework contract.

Our vision is that in time others will join RNOH to gain the benefits of their investments, develop new world class applications and dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership of healthcare software in the NHS.

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